Eye Surgery Successful; Spine Surgery Upcoming

Maggi and Mommy waiting for eye surgery

You know, Maggi’s had spine surgery after spine surgery. They’ve become part of life for us. It doesn’t make it any easier when she gets rolled through the operating room doors crying and afraid… but when they roll her back for a new surgery, it’s downright scary. Eye Surgery August 28, Maggi had eye surgery. […]

Happy Birthday to Maggi!!

Maggi Blair - Trisomy 9 Mosaic Syndrome

What an absolute miracle!! Maggi is 9 years old!! When Maggi was first born, we were totally clueless that she would have gone through everything she’s been through in 9 years! Near death illnesses, multiple surgeries, numerous hospital stays… this child has been through it all – but she’s still here and still fighting! When she […]

Smooth Surgery, Rough Recovery

Maggi and Mommy - March 7, 2014

If you’ve been keeping up with Maggi’s Facebook Page, you’ll know she got through her last surgery with no problem. On March 7, Maggi had to be seen at the pre-op clinic. They drew blood, checked her vitals, and made sure she was ready for surgery. Despite the blood being drawn, she was in great […]

Great Christmas, Rocky New Year


This Christmas was the best in a long time!  We got to have the boys over, everyone was healthy, and we had a lot of fun! The boys got keyboards for Christmas, and spent hours figuring out new songs and playing them. We played some cards, decorated Christmas cookies (and ate them), and had a […]

Maggi’s “Latches Board”


A couple of months ago, Mommy got Maggi a “Latches Board” from a Books-a-Million store. Maggi LOVES this new toy! She plays with it with her teachers, when she’s in her Kid-Kart, and when she’s relaxing in the bed before night-night time. The Latches board is made by “Melissa & Doug” and is part of […]