Happy News This Autumn!

Wow! It’s been a busy 3 months around here! We’ve been to the doctor for a GREAT visit, had lots of fun with the puppy (Casper), and watched a lot of football! Awesome Medical News! Maggi had an appointment with Dr. Devito (the orthopedic surgeon that tends to her scoliosis) in September. As usual, they […]

Summer Fun with Family

For those of you who know us, you know we’re very cautious around people. Because Maggi tends to get sick easier than a typical kid, we have to be very careful who we let come around. Some people don’t quite understand the questioning when we first start asking, but after we ask, we explain why […]

Happy Birthday Maggi!

After hearing multiple one-liners like “just love her as best you can” and “she probably won’t make it past [3, 4, 5]”, we are proud to announce that on April 18, 2015, our little girl turns 10 years old!! Double digits are a big thing, and it is yet another milestone Maggi has reached! We […]

Against Medical Advice – October’s Spine Surgery

Well, we’ve been knowing this spine surgery was coming, but we didn’t get quite what we bargained for this time. It’s usually done as an outpatient procedure, but this time would be quite different – Maggi was required to stay… October 17 Maggi’s been cleared for spine surgery with Dr Devito on October 20. She’s been seen […]

Eye Surgery Successful; Spine Surgery Upcoming

You know, Maggi’s had spine surgery after spine surgery. They’ve become part of life for us. It doesn’t make it any easier when she gets rolled through the operating room doors crying and afraid… but when they roll her back for a new surgery, it’s downright scary. Eye Surgery August 28, Maggi had eye surgery. […]

Vote for Maggi!

maggi on blanket 3Vote for Maggi!!

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